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Cold War Lounge: The Asset

Premiere: 2019, Los Angeles

Cold War Lounge: The Asset, a pop-up immersive experience staged inside Downtown Los Angeles’s Brack Shop Tavern, takes place in 1967 -- the golden age of espionage, when the Americans and Soviets gave their secret operatives free rein to fight a high-stakes war in the shadows of society. With period-appropriate cocktails in hand, guests have the chance to experience the thrills, risks, and human drama that defined the Cold War… and even play a part in the evening’s outcome by choosing to help one side or the other. The show features live musical performances, secret encounters with shadowy characters, and the sultry feel of a 1960s lounge.


Alexander Demers
Deirdre Lyons
Graydon Schlichter
Lauren Hayes
Lyndsie Scoggin
Payden Ackerman
Kelley Pierre


Produced by CoAct Productions, Sampson Creative Enterprises, and Spy Brunch
Directed by Lyndsie Scoggin & Payden Ackerman
Written by Nick Rheinwald-Jones
Art Direction by Cam Sampson
Costume Design by Briana Roecks

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