August 2018, Los Angeles

The Sideshow is an hour-long immersive theatre experience where ten audience members transport back in time to a 1930s circus. There, they relive the memories of two circus performers seemingly trapped in time. Participants encounter historical influences of the era as they Inhabit the multi-sensory environment and interact with characters. Incorporating an elegant dessert and wine pairing, The Sideshow has audiences indulging in its dream-like atmosphere as they uncover what temptations loom beneath the veil of the big top.


Lyndsie Scoggin, Producer/Director

Danielle Levesque, Producer/ Artistic Director

Nick Rheinwald-Jones, Producer/Writer

Katelyn Schiller as Nora Laurello

Dakota Loesch as Clovis Schilling

Payden Ackerman, Stage Manager